Abandoned & Abused


At around 2pm today, we received news about 2 rabbits straying near Sembawang Park. In the message, it was indicated that the rabbits were sighted since 8am in the morning but the original witness was not able to capture them. Once we received the news, our volunteer went to the location in hope to assist.

Our volunteer did find the rabbits. However, both rabbits were already dead. They were found under the bushes at the junction of admiralty road east and Sembawang wharves. Both rabbits’ bodies were very stiff and the white rabbit had bite wounds and blood was oozing from her mouth. Both rabbits look to be 3-4 months old based on their size and their fur condition. Unfortunately, they were in a very sad state when we found them. We have since reported this case to AVA (AVA-16-027964) for further investigation.

At BW, our volunteers have rescued many stray rabbits but the success is highly based on how fast the people reacted. It’s unfortunate we received an 8am news many hours later and it’s a tragedy that those precious hours took away the lives of these rabbits. Our domesticated rabbits are highly sensitive animals and do not do well straying even just for a few hours. We hope that if you ever find a straying rabbit, find a box or basket to contain the rabbit and alert us immediately. Even if you are unable to confront the rabbit, inform us, SPCA or HRSS but stay put to watch the rabbits and try your best to provide food and water while ensuring their safety. As good as we understand one’s intention to spread the news via social media, in today’s tragedy, we hope we all learned the right actions to take in such emergency situation.

The 2 rabbits have been sent to Tengoku for cremation. We have named them Ashley and Alexis so they have a name as they head to the rainbow bridge. We thank everyone who helped to search for the rabbits and we hope everyone can light a candle so they can walk towards a brighter path in life. May this tragedy never to be repeated again