Abandoned & Abused

16/5/2023 Badly neglected bunny outside an industrial block at Bukit Batok

Post is from https://www.instagram.com/thecommcats/ who went down to rescue the bunny together with https://www.instagram.com/thebaffledwabbit/
She paid for the medical personally. Below is the medial and the list of donors. Paynow info at the bottom of the post
Yenni’s a bunny rescue from an industrial block at Bukit Batok. During an onsite visit upon receiving complains from a bunny lover, we understood that this bunny is very neglected, with no proper care provided to her. She lives in a rusted metal cage, sleep on the wired metal, laying on her pee and poo.
Her condition was so bad we needed to get AVS to come down asap. Thankfully, an officer went down the next morning (this morning).
Upon visit, owner have relinquished ownership, stating that he took in Yenni when she was abandoned and they “don’t want it anymore”. Hence, we managed to take Yenni.
We immediately sent Yenni to Vet Central this morning upon taking over. Yenni’s estimated to be 5-6 years old, and was found to have breathing issues, teary eyes, related to extremely bad dental (she will require quite a bit of extractions eventually). Her incisor is unstable and elongated.
Also found an external tumour on her, and feeling a small lump under the skin (tumours likely related). She also has a splay right hind leg. Ear infection is noted too.
Yenni has a long way to go, on top of that, she isn’t a young bunny anymore. She’ll have to be in long-term foster care. Let’s hope Yenni can be given a second chance in life. Despite having poor quality pellets and water ONLY (no hay etc), Yenni survived a month or more. We have so much to learn from animals.
Thankfully, her blood works are still okay. Vital organs and PCV (red blood cell) is still in normal range.
We will continue to be there for Yenni, and do our best to fight with her till we have tried everything we can. Will update again on her surgeries if any.
Let’s help Yenni together. To contribute, please Paynow to 8716 8929. Thank you.
16/5/2023 Update on Yenni
Yenni is in the safe hands of her foster now and she has started munching on hay and drinking water despite a gassy tummy as mentioned by the vet. We are glad she started chewing on hay as she was only given colourful pellets previously!
She has really bad sore hocks from a long period in the rusty metal cage, but her foster made sure to keep the area padded and comfortable for her. She’s a fighter and has really strong will to live.
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