• cuddles

    Story of my first bunny, Cuddles

    We chanced upon our first bunny as an accidental adoption. Someone asked if anyone wanted a 6yo bunny. Before my wife agreed to it, the bunny was collected and dropped off below my block. I wasn’t even home. The person who dropped it off wasn’t the owner and had given no clue of the history of the bunny except the bunny needed a home. (Pls have kind thoughts of this person, they were just trying to help.) When we collected him, he was in a mess. Whatever was the case, the bunny was with us then and being animal lovers, we decided to provide for him in best way we…

  • Stories

    How i found Monster the Holland Lop

    I was a dog lover and has never thought of having a rabbit my whole life. I also never had pets and didnt know if i was able to take care of one. One day i chance upon a Rabbit for Adoption Gumtree page and once in a while i would head over to look at the bunnies people wanna let go. I also didnt know why i would sometimes go over to take a look. I didnt intend to adopt one. After about 6 months, one day when i was browsing the Gumtree page, I saw 3 bunnies around my area people wanna let go. Monster’s listing was between…

  • singapore rabbit llt experience

    Coco’s Liver Lobe Torsion (LLT) Experience

    STORY Coco was his usual self that morning, seeing me off at the door when I left for work. But when I came home, he didn’t come to the door (as me coming home always means treats for him.) I found him hunched in a corner, covered with pee, which never happens because he is litter box trained. As it was already 7pm, our usual vet was closed for the day. I can’t stress how important it is to have a list of rabbit savvy vets, their opening hours, and phone numbers on hand. Even though we had that, I was in a huge panic, and was lucky enough to…