How i found Monster the Holland Lop

I was a dog lover and has never thought of having a rabbit my whole life. I also never had pets and didnt know if i was able to take care of one. One day i chance upon a Rabbit for Adoption Gumtree page and once in a while i would head over to look at the bunnies people wanna let go. I also didnt know why i would sometimes go over to take a look. I didnt intend to adopt one.

After about 6 months, one day when i was browsing the Gumtree page, I saw 3 bunnies around my area people wanna let go. Monster’s listing was between the 3 but he was very far from where i was staying and the owner did not post a photo of him. Only wrote, 7 months hollandlop, male. So i didnt even thought of asking.

The other 3 listings were taken, so i just ask Monster’s listing for fun. Turns out he was available and the owner said someone enquired. I didnt think i just say ” I take. Can collect now” And thats how i got him. Cos it was on the 23/12/2019 i was afraid he might be taken if i wait over Xmas. the next day, Xmas eve i went down to collect him.

I had to take 3 buses from my place 2 1/2 hrs traveling time to reach him. Waited downstairs for another 1/2hr before owner came down with a huge DHL box. I only brought a plastic bag as i thought 7 months old is only a size of a hamster. The box the owner gave me was so big i didnt even open and see. Paid him n try to get a cab. It was so Ulu that i cant find a cab i decide to just take bus. Another 2 1/2hrs trip home carrying a huge box holding the base worrying that it might break and standing the whole trip one 3 different buses. (I didnt even know animal cannot take bus then)

It was on one of the bus, i open the cover and Monster pop up and we saw each other for the first time. He is the best gift my whole life.

Monster the hollandlop