“Please stop using this it’s very dangerous for bunnies.”

Saw this post on Alll About Rabbits, Singapore asking about these pellets. Some owners commented that they are bad and can cause serious health issue. Bunny owners please take note.
Almost all colourful pellets have additives and colouring added and unhealthy to bunnies.

Winnie Nch Vet told me before no good. I stop using them. Colouring n sweet no good for bits”

Buy high quality pellets also are safer and ensure that our bunnies will be healthy for the long term

Serene YiWahDon’t look at short term. If you want your bun to live a long life better get better quality pellets that’s vet recommended. My late bun can live till 12 years old with quality food and supplements. All these low quality pellets can lead to organ failure not only GI. That’s why many rabbits died in a sudden with no reason. Low quality food = higher vet bills “

Kanjittapa Thongsena “please stop using this it’s very dangerous for bunnies. My bun suffered with GI statis I kept giving this for 6 months later he ended up in hospital. For treats once in a week is ok but not everyday.”



As Sherm Psm mentioned, it is always good to check the ingredients. If unsure, do not purchase the pellet or item.

Sherm Psm “Do read the ingredients listed on the packaging. If u can see the main ingredient is not Timothy Hay. Main ingredients listed top in the list are wheat bran, soy beans, corns, rice & sugar. So much grains, even sugars, food colourings & alfalfa are added in. Pellets are manufactured in Thailand thus cheaper retail price though its packaging has tons of Japanese wordings.”