Story of my first bunny, Cuddles

We chanced upon our first bunny as an accidental adoption. Someone asked if anyone wanted a 6yo bunny. Before my wife agreed to it, the bunny was collected and dropped off below my block. I wasn’t even home. The person who dropped it off wasn’t the owner and had given no clue of the history of the bunny except the bunny needed a home. (Pls have kind thoughts of this person, they were just trying to help.)

When we collected him, he was in a mess. Whatever was the case, the bunny was with us then and being animal lovers, we decided to provide for him in best way we could. Internet was great to get all the tips and know how to care for a bunny.

At the beginning, he was very shy. He would jumped out of his cage and slided on the tiled floor. We placed a towel next to the cage. He would just hopped on the towel and his cage. My wife would sit next to the cage with him in the evenings. After we sent him to a vet and the groomer, he would be able to hop around without sliding. There’s some suspicion about the history he had. But it didn’t really matter.

In the months following, he would always followed my wife around and staying by her side, even resting his head on her foot.

We named him Cuddles and he got along well with our dog. We would always allowed him to roam wherever he wanted and he never bit anything that he wasn’t supposed to. He behaved more like a dog actually.

He passed quietly one morning after his breakfast pellets. We arranged with a pet cremation services. They were very professional and respectful.

We missed him dearly. Thanks for reading.


In memory of Cuddle. 29 June 2019 – 8 Jan 2021.