Where to abandon a rabbit in Singapore

Where to abandon a rabbit in Singapore

Thinking of abandon your rabbit in Singapore? Here’s how to do it responsibly. Making the difficult decision to part with your pet rabbit can leave you feeling guilty and overwhelmed. You may be tempted to release or abandon your rabbit outside, but this can lead to a slow and stressful death for domestic rabbits unable to survive in the wild.

Instead of abandoning your rabbit, which will lead to certain dead, there are responsible ways to rehome your bunny in Singapore:


Contact Rabbit Rescues

Your first step should be reaching out to local rabbit rescues like the Bunny Wonderland Singapore and House Rabbit Society Singapore or other similar organizations. Explain your need to rehome your rabbit and provide as much helpful information as possible about your bunny’s age, breed, personality quirks, activity level, diet, housing needs, health and medical issues, etc. This will allow the rescue to match your rabbit to new owners ready for its particular care needs and start the adoption process.

Rescues rely on a network of rabbit-loving volunteers who will open both their hearts and homes to foster surrendered rabbits while new families are found. This is a far less stressful transition than abandonment. Many rescues will also let you stay in touch during the process to ease your mind about your pet’s future. With a little patience and cooperation, they can find your rabbit a happy new life.


If no local rescues have capacity to take your rabbit, then consider advertising your bunny for adoption yourself on Rabbit for Adoption Singapore Facebook page or All About Rabbits Singapore Facebook page. Craft a detailed, honest post about your rabbit’s personality, behaviors, care regimen, health, activity levels, dietary needs, housing requirements, bonding with other animals, etc. The more info you provide, the better chance you have of attracting an owner well-prepared to give your rabbit the life it deserves.

Be very selective when screening potential new families to rehome your rabbit. Ask lots of questions about their past pet experience, knowledge of proper rabbit care, plans for housing, ability to afford veterinary treatment, and overall commitment to providing a stable, nurturing home. Don’t feel pressured to accept the first person who responds– your priority is finding the best adopter. This process takes time and effort, but is so important for your pet’s welfare.


how to responsibility abandon your rabbit in Singapore


Surrender to a Shelter

If you are truly unable to keep your rabbit and cannot find any other relinquishment options, you may have to consider surrendering him/her to a shelter like the SPCA where they can be temporarily housed and cared for. Many shelters will work to have rabbits adopted, but often lack resources to invest in longer-term specialized care for them.

Be prepared that your rabbit may be euthanized if he/she has serious medical issues or behavior problems, remains unadopted after a designated period of time, or if the facility simply lacks space. Have an honest conversation beforehand about the facility’s policies, limitations, and euthanasia criteria to understand the reality your rabbit may face. This option should be carefully considered as a last resort.


Talk to Your Vet

If your rabbit has chronic health conditions or special needs, start by discussing surrender options with your veterinarian. They may know of potential adopters uniquely equipped to take on a rabbit with your pet’s particular medical challenges.

Simply explain you can no longer care for your rabbit due to personal issues and see if they have any recommendations beyond what you’ve already explored. Vets want what’s best for their furry patients too.


Abandoning  your once beloved pet is so difficult, but abandoning a domestic rabbit in the wild in Singapore leads to almost certain death. By carefully selecting a responsible option like a rescue group, shelter or advertised adoption, you can ensure your bunny’s needs will be met in its new home. Don’t hesitate to ask organizations for help rehoming your rabbit – they want what’s best for the animal too.